An online hackathon to address problems made by the COVID-19 pandemic and its after effect to our country.
March 23, 2020 until the end of the Enhance Community Quarantine

What is HackPHQuarantine?

HackPHQuarantine is all about encouraging people to bring their solutions or ideas to life that addresses the after effect of COVID19 Pandemic. This is not a competition but a voluntary effort to help your family, friends, country, and the world. We saw that many have expressed their intentions on social media to help and develop creative tech solutions for our country. As developers, designers, and people in tech, we can use this time to learn, explore, and create new solutions to problems that we have encountered in this situation. Despite the restrictions of enhanced community quarantine, we have enough tools and capabilities to use tech to contribute to our society.

We at wanted to take part and provide support in the form of a hackathon. We will try our best to provide a platform that connects you to people who wants to address the same problem, provide some tips/guides/talks/workshops that can help you build your ideas and will help you share your creation thru once you have launched it.

Hackathon begins on March 23, 2020 and submission ends until the enhanced community quarantine is completed.

Let's have fun and work together and help our country in this time of need.

Challenges you can tackle


Issues that arises from COVID19 pandemic

home quarantine

Ways for people to provide help to others during the enhance community quarantine

home quarantine

Daily Life issues that arises from the Enhance Community Quarantine. Eg. Remote working and logistics challenges


Ways to improve our health care system using technology


Ways to prevent Health Issues (eg. Mental or Physical Health) during the time of the community quarantine. Eg. Creating fun apps that make people smile and beat boredom


Issues related to dissemination of information or battling fake news


Online Hackathon Orientation
Details to be sent via email.


What is a hackathon?

A hackathon is a ‘hacking marathon’ where people come together to create or improve a functioning software or hardware in a specific period of time. Hacking here is defined as building or creating a functioning product of their idea and not breaking a system. This is the best time to learn, experiment and collaborate with other people.

What’s the difference between online and in-person hackathons?

An online hackathon is the same with the regular hackathon except that it is all done remotely. We will still have activities such as talks, workshops, fun activities but all happening online. One of the advantages here is learning how to work remotely with someone else.

What can we expect in this hackathon?

Fun! Collaboration! Meeting new people! Learning New Technologies! Helping Others and more… :)

Is there a required team size for this hackathon?

For this hackathon, there is no required or limit in the team size. You can work on your own, but it’s best to work with others so you can learn from them or help them. Some challenges if you are in a big group is that it takes a longer time to create something and others can’t really participate. We can say that 3-5 people in a team would be a good number.

I’m looking for people to collaborate with, how can I find them?

We are opening our slack group so you can connect with them. Please don’t spam them. Request help at the channel and don't message people one by one via direct message. We will also list the ideas suggested on the website so you choose an idea that you would like to support and how you can connect with the group.

Note: We will ban you in the hackathon if you start spamming people unrelated to the hackathon.

I have an idea and need help in building it, how can I ask help?

Please submit your idea in the hackathon application ( We’ll post it on the website and add you to the slack group. If we feel that your idea is the same with someone else, we’ll connect you together so that you can work it together instead of doing duplicates of the same idea.

What technology am I allowed to use?

You can use any technology that you like as long as it is allowed and you are not violating any law or IP.

Note: All expenses due to the use of a certain technology or product (eg. Server, API, Domain name, etc) incurred in building your solution will be shouldered by you and your team. So make sure to discuss it with the team when you decide to use it.

How do I submit our project?

Once done, send us an email at so we can guide you with the submission process.

Who owns our hackathon project?

You and your team owns the project. Please discuss ownership within your team.

What can I get when I join this event?

  • Help someone with your solution
  • Make the most out of your quarantine time
  • Learn something new
  • Meet new people
  • Maybe special perks or prizes 😉

I’m not a developer or designer, can I still join?

Yes, you may. You can help out by sharing your skills that the group can benefit or share a problem/ideas that the group can work on.

I’m 13 years old and I want to participate, can I join this hackathon?

Yes, you may participate. We allow 13 years old and above to participate in this event. Below 18 requires to provide a parental consent. Please make sure that your parents/guardian are aware that you are joining the event so they will be there to guide you. In case you bump in any issue, please email us at so we can help.

If you are below 13 years old, we can’t let you join in because of the restriction of the law. 😔

What are the rules or mechanics that we need to follow?

Hackathon Setup:

This is an online hackathon. You can work remotely and do your own strategies to connect with others and learn from this experience. We will be providing a slack group for you to connect with other participants.

Challenges: Tech solutions to the issues or potential issues made by the COVID19 pandemic, enhance community quarantine, and the after effects to our country.

There is no limit in the team number as long as you can manage it. It’s best to have around 3-5 people per team.

Online talks or workshops will be provided during the hackathon. You don't have to attend it. It's intended to help you in your project.

You can submit your project entry starting March 23, 2020 until the enhance community quarantine is completed.

Tip: Just release it as early as you can in order for people to use right away. You can improve it everyday or as needed. The important thing is for people to use it during this period of need. Don't overthink, just do it.

Read more on the Terms of the hackathon at

This is my first time joining a hackathon, can you give me some tips?

We will have online talks, workshops and activities that can help you in this hackathon. Stay tuned or check the schedule once we released it on the website.

I want to share my knowledge by doing a talk, workshop, or activity, to whom should I reach out?

Awesome! If you are representing yourself or a non-profit tech organization and just want to share your knowledge, feel free to submit your talk, workshop or activity here:

If you are a company and want to do a talk, workshop, or activity, please reach out to with subject: HackPHQuarantine Talk/Workshop/ Activity (Company Name).

I am joining the hackathon, but I also want to share my experience with the hackathon participants. Can I also speak?

Cool. Feel free to submit your talk/workshop/activity here:

My company wants to support the Hackathon to whom should I reach out?

Let them send an email at with the subject: Support HackPHQuaratine. Thanks in advance!

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